Family Law

Our human side and empathy reflect in the way we handle all our clients’ cases. So, whether your instructions are divorce-related, financial and property division, children matter including contact (access), domestic abuse, adoption, and special guardianship, pre-matrimonial understandings, we would give you the advice you can depend on to resolve your problems as quickly as possible in a way that is satisfactory to everyone.

At Waterhouse solicitors, we focus more on the best interest of the child in our children’s family cases and also take pride in understanding that not all divorce cases must end up with the winner takes all approach. 

Our services are normally provided according to a pre-agreed fixed fee and would consider asking a client to pay at least between 50% to 60% before we begin work. The remaining will be billed monthly until your case is finalised. Alternatively, we may offer hourly rates depending on your instructions. If you opt for our hourly rate, the costs will therefore depend on the time it takes us and monthly estimated bills sent in advance.