General Litigation

At Waterhouse solicitors, our watchword is – “litigation as last a resort”. When all attempts to settle without court proceedings and alternative dispute resolution fails, we would consider litigation as the last option and continue to explore the option of settling. So, if you or your company are contemplating commencing litigation or defending a claim, we are dedicated to protecting and enforcing your rights by the guiding principle of “litigation as last resort” even when acting as defence solicitors. 

Litigation is generally stressful and the cost implications, if not properly managed from the onset may be devastating to the clients. We promise to tirelessly fight our clients’ corners using our wealth of experience over decades in the best interest of our clients.

Our pride is to represent our clients honestly, in a cost-effective manner, efficiently, and timely. The major concern for clients generally is funding. Varieties of funding options are available, which include – conditional fee arrangements, legal expenses insurance, or fixed fee. From our initial consultation, we are able to able to demonstrate our wealth of expertise.