Immigration Law

One of our core areas of practice is immigration law. We have several decades of legal experience and undertake UK Immigration work.

We have experience in many areas of immigration law including settlement applications under Appendix FM, as well as asylum and deportation cases. We are also vastly experienced in EEA applications (EEA Family Permit, EEA Residence Card, EEA Permanent Residence), Points-Based System (Tier 1 Entrepreneurs, Tier 1 Investors, Tier 1 Exceptional Talent, Tier 2 (General), and Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer Migrants), we represent our client’s best interest.

Should the need arise, we go the extra mile, so that our services’ standards are best practice for the industry. More importantly, because time is of the essence in most immigration cases, we are timely and organised.  To avoid being out of time, we follow a clear and easy-to-understand method of work, guide every client through the process of their immigration matter by regular updates; from the initial consultation until a decision is made

How much do we charge?

In most of our cases, we charge fixed fees or what is referred to as agreed fees. As opposed to hourly rates, we charge a fixed fee or an agreed fee. By this means, our clients only pay whatever we agree from the onset of their instructions regardless of the time we spend and the complexity of the case. Even, if a case becomes more complex after agreeing on the fees or we have to spend more time than expected, you only do whatever has been agreed. 

We can estimate and, or calculate out how much your immigration matter will cost or at least give you an estimate. Often, we will give you a quote that will not increase throughout your instructions if fees are agreed, and whatever has been agreed from the onset during the consultation, is what we charge. Below here is our price guide or professional fees we charge.

However, we must emphasize that the fees quoted above are guides and do not include any form of disbursement(s). By disbursement, we mean other expenses, which you will have to pay to third parties. From our experience, disbursements in immigration cases may include but are not limited to any of the following: Home Office, Counsel/Legal representative’s fees for attending hearings, Cost of Appeals, Applications for Permission to the tribunals/courts, and Immigration Health Surcharge Fee (HIS)

Very often, we advise our client to pay all disbursements as part of the application process to the appropriate third parties, which sometimes are the Home Office, Counsel’s Chambers, and Tribunals/Courts directly.

Our fixed fee arrangements are reasonable, competitive, and as such, clients are required to fully pay our fees at the outset of their instructions, unless a separate arrangement for the payment has been agreed upon. Where a client is unable to pay our fees in full at the commencement of the instruction, such a client may be able to pay part of the fee when giving initial instruction to us and the rest of the fee should be paid within 12 weeks.

Other Information about fees and Disbursement

If we have to commence a fresh claim, application or take new instructions, we would advise you of the need to agree to fees and anticipate disbursements. If your application is refused and you do not have a right of appeal or the decision can only be challenged by way of judicial review, we would advise you and agree to new fees. The cost of subsequent appeal rights or judicial review proceedings, change or additional instructions exceeding original instruction would attract new fees and disbursement